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Just For Fun, What I listen to the Most

I thought it would be fun to look at what songs have the most plays in my iTunes library. Ok so here goes…

Number one in play counts is “Flathead,” by the Fratellis. After that are other songs from the album ‘Costello Music,’ followed by songs from Lucky Boys Confusion record ‘Commitment.’ Here’s the actual numbers:

Flathead: 138
Chelsea Dagger: 127
Commitment: 93
Hey Driver: 91
Beware: 90
Jane (The Loved Ones): 73

Among the songs in my library with the least plays, mostly staying at zero are:

Various 50 Cent Songs
Various Spice Girls Songs
Various U2
Amongst Others…

What are the number one played songs in your libraries? Let me know.

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted October 21, 2008 at 02:47

    He lies. Number 1 play count is the Reel Big Fish album with over 1000! Then it drops off to the more reasonable play counts. His iTunes library can’t display 4 digit play counts because no one should listen to any songs that much and that’s why he didn’t mention it. It was only showing the last 3 digits of the play count which is not a very good way of displaying it and is one of iTunes many flaws.