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Good News Music Lovers (especially ones that love brits)

You can’t download them, you can’t put them on your iPod, and you can’t even find them on iTunes. Ok, thats not totally true. If you search them on iTunes you will come up with Karaoke versions of a few of their songs; honestly who wants those?

The band: Scouting For Girls
Why You Will Like Them: They blend an amazing combination of piano, catchy rhythms, and intense british pop vocals.

I’m not hating on the American music scene, but common, listen to this music (which you can’t actually do) and then tell me you don’t love it. The reason I bring them up is because they recently announced a single show in New York City, in support of another british artists, The Delays. To my knowledge this will be their first appearance in the United States and anyone who appreciates good music needs to come down and check them out.

They are appearing at the Bowery Ballroom. Although you cannot download them on iTunes, I would encourage you to go to and search the bands name, you will come up with videos such as: “Heartbeat,” “James Bond,” “The Airplane Song,” and “She’s So Lovely.” Any of these are a good representation of this band. Please email me with your thoughts on them and if you email me, I just might be able to send you their CD, which I have a digital copy of (sshhhhh).

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