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Harris’ Song of the Week: Gasoline by Airborne Toxic Event

Every week there seems to be a song that gets stuck in every playlist I’m listening too. Its that song that every time I sit down at the computer I want to hear. Sometimes its because I’m going to see a concert soon, sometimes its a new album, sometimes its a really old album.

This week is no exception to the rule, and it qualifies under two of them. This song is from a new album and I am going to see this band next week. Airborne Toxic Event’s new album is self titled, and is a really solid album. This band is really better experienced live (I saw them open for the Fratellis over the summer), but the song “Gasoline,” is really worth a listening too.

If you wanna here a solid song, by a really solid band check this song out and let me know your thoughts on it. If you like the song, show some support for this up and coming band by purchasing their CD or even going to seem them live as they once again open for the Fratellis on October 5th at the Webster Theatre.

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