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More Albums I Can’t Stop Listening To

So last time was all about the woman. This time its going to be all about the band.

The first band I’m going to write about is a very interesting group. Boys Like Girls have pulled off a feat that is almost never done in the genre of emo/pop/make girls go crazy. They created an entire album that most people seem to actually like, me included. Boys Like Girls self titled debut album has been as big of a hit as the group itself is. The album is a wonderful portrayal of how to write an entire album that is good, not just singles.

I know, its one thing for me to say this, I love music. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Here’s how I know this. Next time your bored go to a Plain White T’s concert. Notice that most of the crowd (at least 75%) only knows the song Hey There Delilah. They bounce around waiting for that song to come blaring over the PA, and are satisfied. At a Boys Like Girls show things are different. Most of the audience in attendance knows most of the songs.

This idea of knowing a bands albums, as opposed to simply the singles is a rare feat, and should be admired. This album is definitely worth a listen, even if its just to hear what all the fuss is about. It is also interesting to note that the band has been touring for over a year and half and still only has one recorded album. Its cool to go to a concert and know every single song that a band plays.

Next band on my list of albums I can’t stop listening to is a group that has taken over my life. The Fratellis have gone from, “hey weren’t they in an iPod commercial,” to one of my favorite groups. Now maybe I am being somewhat bias but the Fratellis have two albums that have been released in the United States, to me, both are masterpieces of rock. They are a band that really knows what it means to write good songs, and to distribute them over the course of an album (or in this case 2).

Their first album was entitled “Costello Music,” and the second was “Here We Stand.” If you want a good sample of what this band sounds like in making a decision whether to give it a shot listen to the tracks “Lupe Brown,” “Look Out Sunshine,” “Baby Fratelli,” or “Henrietta.” If you like what you hear, download there albums and check them out.

Finally I arrive at what I believe to be the best written album of 2008 (in the Alternative music field). Panic a the Disco’s sophomore album is a masterpiece that pays tribute to everyone from the Beatles, to the Rolling Stones, all while delivering it in a unique way. Many people assumed that a band that is used to playing for a room full of 13 year old girls, could not grow up. This album has proved all of those people wrong. If you “don’t like this album,” I’m going to say you haven’t given it a fair chance.

If you want to get a good feeling to what this album sounds like listen to the tracks “Northern Downpour,” and “The Green Gentleman.” I would really love feedback on this. If you go out and listen to the entire thing, and don’t like this album I would be shocked.

Well that is all for my albums I can’t stop listening too. Of course there are many more and I would love to know what your listening too. Keep me in the loop.

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  • Comment by Charlie posted September 24, 2008 at 23:32

    a couple other good fratelli's songs are creepin up the back stairs and chelsea dagger [<--that was featured in a beer commericial]