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Concerts I haven’t seen yet but Need too

This is a two part list. First will be all of the concerts that I still want to see, but haven’t. Then my top 5 concerts I’ve already been too.

1. Ben Folds (going to see him October 1st)
2. AC/DC (This band has always been one of my favorites and they are finally going on tour again)
3. Yellowcard (This one is weird, but I really love their albums and haven’t seen them yet)
4. Paul McCartney (Its Paul, enough said)
5. Lucky Boys Confusion (I found out that this band only plays shows in Chicago since breaking up so this is the hardest one to accomplish I think)

Top Concerts I’ve Been Too

1. Billy Joel at Shea Stadium
2. Reel Big Fish with Streetlight Manifesto and Whole Wheat Bread at the Chance (The group I was with received two shout outs from two different bands during this show, it was amazing)
3. The Who at Nassau Coliseum
4. Green Day at Giants Stadium (GD’s largest US show, and I had general admission)
5. The Fratellis at Webster Hall

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