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Take Out the Buds, Bands are always Better Live

For many returning students, Hartford can be a scary place. There are new people and places all around you. One thing that hasn’t changed is your music. No matter where you are from you have brought with you a unique sense of music.

One thing about your music that might have changed is where you will go listen to it. Now that you are in Hartford there are new music venues all around you and depending on where you are from, you might even want to go visit New York City or Boston in search of finding great music. Its time to take out the white buds and find some great live music!

In taking a look at some of the East Coasts best places to go to listen to music we will start close to home. Connecticut is home to two major venues on the club circuit. Hartford is home to the Webster Theatre.

Webster has been home to some great concerts over the years such as All Time Low, Reel Big Fish, MxPx and JET. The venue features two stages, one known as the “underground,” and then the main stage. The underground is a great place to go to hear young local acts, as well as smaller touring groups.

The Main stage room is pretty large and you can generally get a really good view of the stage. The sound is nothing to complain about and the atmosphere is generally really fun. Just like all venues there are usually some downsides. Webster Theatre is known for not allowing mosh pits or crowd surfing (for definitions of these terms please google). This usually is not a problem, except in the case that fans do decide to partake in these activities. Almost anyone I’ve ever known to do this at Webster has been immediately ejected from the venue.

New Haven is home to the other hot Connecticut music club. Toads Place, located right across the street from the main campus of Yale, is known for solid rock shows, and also brings in cover acts quite often to entertain the bar crowd.

Toads has put on shows in the past such as Boys Like Girls, Blues Traveler and Rusted Root. There shows are generally done smoothly, and you can usually get very close to artists, with the crowd being somewhat mellower than in Hartford.

Of course, there is a downside. Toads Place is set up by splitting the club into two different sides. One side is for the 21+ drinking crowd, the other side is for everyone else (at most shows). This prohibits people from standing where they want while watching the show and gives the venue a claustrophobic feel at times.

Now moving on to venues that require a trip to get to. There is one venue that is a must go to for any music fan if you are visiting Boston; the Middle East. This venue has hosted a wide variety of amazing concerts over the years and is really the destination for music in Boston.

For those of you feeling really adventurous, traveling into New York City provides an entire buffet of great concert venues. Venues such as Nokia Theatre, The Knitting Factor and Irving Plaza litter the streets of New York. There really is only a few that are really worth making the trip from Hartford though.

Roseland Ballroom, located right near many great Broadway theatres (near Times Square), has hosted some of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen in New York. Artists such as Panic at the Disco and Ben Folds among others have made this venue worth the trip.

Also in New York is the infamous Webster Hall (for those of you who are confused, Webster Hall is in New York, Webster Theatre is in Hartford, they have no relation to each other). Webster Hall is knows as a night club and they throw one hell of a dance party brining in some of the best DJ’s around. When the club is not involved in brining people together to dance, it brings out the rock in people. Webster has hosted many shows over the years and is a great place to go for an entire night of fun. You can usually go to a show and then stay for the club after the show. It can turn into a really long, really fun night.

There are many other places to see live music in and around the New England/New York area but these are my favorite simply based on two things, atmosphere and music selection. Lets face it; some venues just know what they are doing and these all fall under that blanket.

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