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Albums I can’t Stop Listening Too

There are times when I just need to listen to entire albums. To me, some bands were destined to make albums and some are just around to make singles.

For example, I love Counting Crows singles, but I can’t stand any of their albums (or them live for that matter). Also, I love Foo Fighters, but after I hear My Hero and All My Life, it just all sounds the same to me.

Other bands can put out album after album and I can listen to any of them. Each album is for a different mood, and each of these albums I would strongly recommend checking out on your own.

First album on this list are three female vocalists that you have to get into (if you haven’t already). Two of them you will most likely of heard of, the last one you probably haven’t. Even though she is on the verge of death on a daily basis, you should really get into Amy Whinehouse while she is still alive. Its really sad that she is so messed up but her music happens to be amazing. Her album “Back to Black,” is a masterpiece in a time in which the album is all but dead.

Second of the females is British singer/songwriter Lily Allen. You will most likely of heard her singles on the Radio such as Smile or LDN. This is just the start for this artist. Compared to Amy whose songs are very deep and vocal, Lily’s albums is full of high energy, overproduced (not a bad thing), and catchy songs. These songs are not deep, but fun. One is about her stoner brother. There’s another about her and her friends turning down guys in a bar. Get the picture? Its not exactly “deep.” The music on her album “Alright, Still,” is still definitely worth a listen, especially if you need to be cheered up, or even laugh.

Finally in finishing off the female singers is a relatively unknown woman, or rather band named Charlotte Sometimes. This group is right in between the two previous musicians. Her songs are a mix of deep feelings, and straight fun. Her album “Waves and the Both of Us,” is definitely worth a listen to, if just to hear her very unique voice.

Ok, so as I wrote this I realized that I tend to ramble about artists and albums. I have decided to turn this into a daily post (at least until I run out of good albums in my library). Check in tomorrow for more albums worth checking out.

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