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2008 Summer of Music

Fall is finally here and it’s time to get back to reading, homework, and partying. Before we get to deep into our notebooks, lets take a look back at all of the amazing concerts that came through the Northeast this summer.

My summer was completely jammed full of concerts to go see. The first came just after spring semester wrapped up. Panic at the Disco (notice they dropped the “!”) rolled through as a part of the yearly “Honda Civic Tour.” Unlike the holder of this title one year earlier (Fall Out Boy), Panic played the club circuit, instead of the arenas. This gave all parties involved a more intimate experience. They performed in a much more sophisticated manner, coming off of their sophomore album “Pretty.Odd.” Although they still played their old classics they showed a much more grown up side with amazing ballads such as “Northern Downpour.” This idea of sophistication is something to be admired in a band that just a few years earlier were playing to the “all-teen” crowd. Their latest album really brought out the adults in them and should be given a shot, even if you didn’t care for their earlier, pop album.

Next on my busy list of concerts to attend was another band that had just released their sophomore album. “Here We Stand,” is the newest album by Scottish rockers, The Fratellis. Making their second sweep of the United States they were trying to capture the momentum left by their two previous hits. The songs “Flathead,” and “Chelsea Dagger,” have both been used in a variety of commercials, making the Fratellis a very familiar sound. Touring similar venues to the “Honda Civic Tour,” the Fratellis used their charming stage presence and deep accents to deliver a concert worth seeing again and again. They opened with the first song off of the new album “My Friend John,” and from their played a great combination of acoustic ballads and riveting rock songs, finally ending the show with the fan favorite “Baby Fratelli.”

The next band on my list was an old favorite in the music world. On a steamy night in New York City, I made my way to the famous “Radio City Music Hall,” to see legendary acts Steve Miller and Joe Cocker. Opening the show Joe Cocker was really fun, especially for a singer pushing 65. His support band was also incredible. Of course the highlight of his performance was his portrayal of the Beatles song, “Come Together,” from the hit movie, “Across the Universe.” Next came the immortal Steve Miller Band. They took to the stage playing the same songs that they have played for over 25 years. There is something that will never make “Take the Money and Run,” or “Fly Like an Eagle,” songs that everyone in America appreciates and knows the words to. The show had the most incredible mix of fans that I had ever seen at a concert. Next to me dancing in the aisle were a 10 year old boy wearing a transformers t-shirt, a 75 year old man who was clearly stuck in the 70’s, a 20 year old girl who looked like she just came out of a club and a 45 year old businessman straight out of a meeting. It was a night of music to remember.

This summer there were also a lot of very influential and great CD’s released, both digitally and yes, in CD stores. Some of the best albums released during the summer included singer/songwriter Charlotte Sometimes, “Waves and the Both of Us,” which featured tracks titled “How I Could Just Kill a Man,” and “Sweet Valium High,” both highly recommended tracks. Other albums released included Foxboro Hottubs initial release “Stop Drop and Roll!!!,” (don’t look now, but this is just Green Day’s alter-ego band), 3 Doors Down’s 4th major release which is self titled, “3 Doors Down.” Rounding out the summer releases are two artists that are finding their way in the slowing music business. Lil Wayne released his 6th studio album titled, “The Carter III.” This album broke sales records and showed that physical albums could still sell over 2,000,000 copies (double platinum). The other album was released more recently; on August 12th the Jonas Brothers released their sophomore album. Their goal has been to find a way to grow with their fans. Their albums are really not what is so impressive about these brothers. Their concerts have been compared to the likes of the Beatles. Of course many people wonder how a group of boys playing to teenaged girls could be compared to the likes of the Beatles. Take a step back for a second and think about this, who were the Beatles targeting?

This is part one of my summer music review. Look for part two coming in the next issue with even more concert and album reviews.

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    madd spelling errors lol otherwise i would agree with most of what u said but you are missing alot of stuff that came out this summer