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Alicia Keys live at Madison Square Garden

I told you that I will pretty much go to any concert. This is no exception. When my mom told me she had a ticket to this show how could I pass this up. What I learned from this concert was very interesting.

First, let me preface this by saying that this is not the first pop singer I have seen do this, but definitely to a lesser extent. Alicia Key’s was awesome in concert. Her voice was excellent, her band rocked, and she jammed out on her piano(s) multiple times.

There were two huge problems with this concert. The first was that she simply talked to much. It almost sounded fake after a while. She talked a lot about how women need to be strong, and about world issues such as AIDS. To me, after I heard her talk for a solid portion of the show I just wanted her to shut up.

The second problem was a larger issue for me. I am not an Alica Key’s fan and would never try to pass myself off as one. The problem is that she played way to long. It is one thing to play a set and have an encore, but no. Alicia Key’s sang on stage from about 9:15 pm until almost 11:30. That is over 2 hours of one artist.

Now some people, who are big Key’s fans will argue that this makes the concert even better. I would have to agree. If I am going to see a band or artist who I consider one of my favorites, and they play an extended set, I am stoked. The problem is that there is something about Alica that separates her from most other artists.

Alicia Key’s has made her career selling albums, not singles. She is only knows for about 4 songs that the average music listener would be able to recall as being her. Songs like “Fallin,” “No One,” “Karma,” and “If I ain’t got you,” are amazing singles and helped to make her a household name. Unfortunately, based on my knowledge of concerts and the way the crowd responded to different songs, these were the only songs that 50-70% of the attendees knew.

That turns into a huge problem when you are playing for over 2 hours. In the same light, I have seen Avril Lavign perform in concert (Nassau). I am not a fan of her any more than I am one of Alica Keys, but for some reason you just find that her songs were more pop songs, that you had heard somewhere. Also she kept the concert around an hour and twenty minutes. This made most people, more intrigued for more of the show.

The point is that for a die hard Alica Key’s fan, who celebrates her every work, this concert would have been one of the best I’ve seen. Unfortunately I think there are more “Singles,” fans out there for her than die hards. With all of that in mind, Alica did a great job, and I would definitely recommend going to see her perform, because she has an incredible voice.

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