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The Fratellis Play Webster Hall

On Friday, June 12th, the Fratellis rocked Webster Hall in New York City. This was the second time I had seen them perform in New York. For those of you who do not know this band, they are a sottish rock band, with driving anthems, and very catch tunes.

The opening act went by a very peculiar name, “Airborne Toxic Waste.” They put on quite the show, with a mix of great vocals, scorching guitar parts, and a rhythm section that included both a violin and a piano. There show went on for about 45 minutes, and ended in a large ovation. Interestingly eneough this band ran out of CD’s to sell by the end (clearly they were well received in New York).

The Fratellis took the stage opening with a song from their newest studio album, “Here we Stand.” This was followed by a very robotic mix of Old, New, Old, New, bringing back some of their most popular songs from the first album.

The crowd was extremely into the show and sang along to many of the more popular, and even the less popular songs. There was almost no moshing, or crowd surfing, but there was a lot of dancing. They closed the show with “Baby Fratellis,” a very popular B-Side from the first record, “Costello Music.”

There were two very interesting things about this show. One that annoyed me somewhat and the other that was just really cool. We’ll start with the annoying. I could not understand why the Fratellis would play at Webster Hall. Don’t get me wrong, I love Webster and the intimate atmosphere was really cool, but after selling out Roseland Ballroom last year, which holds upwards of 3,500 people, why downsize to Wesbter which hold a maximum of 2,000. The point here is that the Fratellis continue to “blow up” in America, they need to be smarter about the venues they choose to play. This show sold out very quickly, and I just wish more people could of seen this rockin show.

Now to the cool and interesting. Of most interest were the demographic of people standing around me. I have seen a lot of concerts in my day. I have seen everything from Fall out Boy and Avril Lavign, to Bouncing Souls and the Loved Ones (hard punk). This concert had the most diverse group I had seen in a recent concert. Surrounding me were people with Indian, Asian, American and African backgrounds. It is cool and awesome that this type of music, Happy Rock, is how I will label it, brings together so many different types of people.

This band is deffinetly one that I would recomend downloading, buying, going to see and supporting. Tell all of your friends about it.

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