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The Truth About Keegan

Keegan Forte - Contributor

I’ll put it simply for you; music is my life. You won’t find me “slappin’ da bass” or shredding up the guitar, and you would most likely confuse my voice with a metal fork being dragged across a chalkboard … but there is no rule that says you must play an instrument to be passionate about music. However, without those people my infatuation for music as well as music itself, would be non-existent.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not here to tell you what music you should like but I am here to tell you what music you might like. Favorite albums, throw backs, music spread across platforms from movies to TV to the World Wide Web, maybe even songs that need to be locked in a box and never, ever let out; my opinions, my suggestions, my first love … all laid out for you here on Truth About Music.

I want you to leave here everyday with a good sound in your ears with something new to listen to, a song that defines your day or week or life, a quote that will get you by and, of course, a desire to come back for more. As it says in Time Out New York’s book “1,000 Songs To Change Your Life:” “Music is everywhere we turn, unavoidable and inescapable. It provides a soundtrack for adolescence and adulthood, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, relationships and break-ups, lives and deaths. Its simple ubiquity makes it the cultural air that we breathe.”

You’re probably wondering what I’ll focus on, but here’s the “Truth About Keegan,” I listen to everything, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Whether I’m swaying to the relaxing vibrations of The XX, teeny-bopping at Z100’s Jingle Ball, head-banging while Linkin Park tears up the stage or feeling the groove at my 700th Allmann Brothers show, its all relative. Each genre brings something different to the table and my table, dear friends, is a freakin’ smorgasbord. So dig in!

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  • Comment by erin irwin posted March 10, 2010 at 09:21

    kegs you rock! i love you girl

  • Comment by erin irwin posted March 12, 2010 at 10:04

    sorry not kegs rock, (they do too) but Keegs rocks more!