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The Truth About Dave

Dave Hitchings - Web Curator/Columnist

There are two things in my life that I probably couldn’t live without—technology and music. The first is a passion I’ve devoted my life to. But this blog isn’t about technology—I have another one for that. This blog is about music, my second love in life.

Music follows me; it’s like a massively creepy sociopath always breathing down my neck. This is not to say it’s not wanted—I like this sociopath. Wherever I go it goes with me, and I’ve gone far. From England to America, and a quick stop in Australia, the places I’ve lived have inspired and changed me. Each one has left their individual musical imprint. The vast difference between these musical cultures leaves me open-minded and willing.

My respect for music runs deep, and I want to share this music with you. Expect music from the countries that have influenced me and the styles that truly resonate with me.

You can also follow my musings on my own blog, and on my twitter @davehitchings.

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