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The Truth About Josh

Josh Feldman - Columnist

What’s up readers!!! My name is Josh Feldman. I am almost a college graduate as a Performing Arts Management Major at The Hartt School. As many people approach graduation they get into the mode of thinking “what am I going to do with the rest of my life” etc. (of course I’m thinking about this) but also I want to give back to people through my writing. Music for me isn’t just an extension to my life.

Music is sewn into my soul. Since I was born, music and performing arts have always been lodged into that creative section of my brain reserved for my creativity. And since then it has never left. My friends and family have described me as a musical cowboy. Using my ipod as a gun and my pocket as my trusty holster. There really isn’t a single form of music that I don’t have some sort of respect for.

In high school I was part of a very successful podcast and in college I transformed my skills further into almost a dream become reality as I am approaching that final day I walk across the stage in Lincoln Theater. So as you read my reviews, I ask of you. No I demand that you take something from my writing. Some sort of shred of knowledge that way together we can transform the music industry one song at a time. Jazzy Out!

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