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Review: Krill Bring Boston Rock to Brooklyn

“What do you guys think about politics? We’re against it,” says Krill frontman Julian Fader while he tunes his guitar for the next song. This lax, sarcastic banter is indicative of Krill’s entire performance this evening at Union Pool, in Brooklyn, NY. Jangling and agreeable, the energy level of the band never reaches anything more than a low simmer, but that’s more than ok. Krill aren’t trying to overpower anyone in the small, intimate venue, they let their sparse, beachy brand of rock n’ roll lure the crowd in.

Krill are a three piece band out of Boston, and while there music is tough to categorize, it’s easy to hear the influence of fellow Bostonians The Pixies all over their set. Modulating the pitch of his vocals to a yelping Black Francis strain, Fader has a voice that will be immediately intriguing, if not necessarily enjoyable, depending on your personal taste. Instrumentally, they tear through “Theme From Krill,” “Never A Joke,” and several more tracks from their self recorded debut Lucky Leaves. This is clearly a band who have been playing together for a while, and while they may never be world class musicians, there is a loose-tight dynamic to their chemistry that goes beyond traditional musicianship, it’s this kind of playing that serves as a reminder of what rock n roll is really about.

Krill will probably never have a number 1 smash hit, and if you see them after a show drinking cheap beer and smoking hand rolled cigarettes, it’s probably out of budgetary obligation rather than image molding. This is a promising band from a very promising scene, and seeing them lay it all out on a small back room stage in Brooklyn was a real joy. Their set was a good reminder of the pure joy that can be derived from watching a couple people get on stage and believe in themselves on a Friday night.


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