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Obsession of the Week: Of Monsters and Men

I used to be the person that all of my friends came to for music recommendations. I could always be counted on for suggestions that they were sure to like. Now that I’m a so-called “grown up” with responsibilities and a full-time job, (and I actually pay for my music,) discovering new music has dropped more than a few notches on my importance list.

So, I have to thank Alt Nation on Sirius XM for helping me get back to my music discovery roots, and for this week’s new obsession: Of Monsters and Men. I first heard “Little Talks” a few weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to it incessantly ever since.

This Icelandic six-piece indie/folk band won the 2010 national battle of the bands competition, Músiktilraunir, and they’ve been blowing up ever since. They claim that they are aptly named Of Monsters and Men because their “lyrics mostly comprise stories of all kinds of monsters, both fictional and human.” You can decide this for yourself by downloading their debut album “My Head is an Animal.”

If you like Mumford and Sons, you’ll like Of Monsters and Men. Check out the live from their living room performance of “Little Talks” on KEXP below. By the end of your first listen, you’ll be “Hey!”-ing right along with them, I guarantee it.

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