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Review: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ More Tired & Boring Than Cutting Edge

Born This Way

For an artist who champions strange, weird, creative, and beautifully bizarre in all of it’s varied facilities; Lady Gaga’s new album “Born this Way” is none of these things. As we’re constantly thrown into a universe where the Queen of the Monsters rules over every trend popular culture throws at us, you’d imagine she’d take the challenge further and create something viable, something…. Interesting. In reality she created something tired, and boring.

“Born this Way” sounds like a beaten amalgamation of counterfeit 80’s dance music with flat beats New Order would have shaken their heads at, or David Gahan would have chuckled at the idea of using. It lacks coherence for the current state of music. It oozes 80’s, and not in a fun, or a good way. Certain moments on “Born this Way” sound no different than bad montage fodder for films directed by John Hughes.

“Highway Unicorn” sounds like it should feature a guy running along the beach and training for a big fight after school. Its lyrics are as cheesy as they come with such aggrieved brilliance as:

We can be strong, we can be strong Out on this lonely road, on the road to love We can be strong, we can be strong Follow that unicorn on the road to love

How can someone who wears dresses made of meat, or who can single-handedly crash the Red Cross’s website with her plea to her “monsters” to donate to a pummeled Japan, create something so comically weak and bland?

There are no fiery beats that made her a club banger trendsetter on her previous E.P, and full length. There is no moment on the record where the listener is blown away by the sheer brilliance of the music coming out of the speakers, it seems like they’re just…songs. It all lacks a certain cutting edge punch. “Born this Way” essentially wraps its arms around what in the music industry is known as the “sophomore slump”. It seems pasted together and without much time and consideration put into what was being packaged and sold to the Gag-hungry public at large. The title track as everyone knows is just Madonna’s “Express Yourself” but repackaged for today’s youth market.

Lady Gaga Seems Less Revolutionary, More Burnt Out on New Album

The cheeky lyrics of “Heavy Metal Lover” are fun, when taken into consideration the bulk of her lyrics are about her rollercoaster relationship with a drummer in a death metal band, but the song itself just beeps and blips with a hokey, watered down on the dubstep beat.

There seems to be a thin line of allowance of lame seeped throughout the public affinity toward their David Bowie inspired ruler. Lady Gaga should be pushing the boundaries on her records and living up to the persona of utilitarian lover of all sexes, races, creeds and colors, by taking risks with her music.

Just as Christina Aguilera had done year’s prior, Lady Gaga will eventually fall into the same artistic trappings. They, as divas with actual talent verses manufactured talent, could be doing things greater in scope than the typically dry club record.

Gaga has the ability to sell sights and sounds that a slew of artists outside Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails would kill for the chance to have. But, unlike the former who both experiment with style and sound, Gaga hasn’t. She’s aborted a tasteless album with no identity, or scope. It’s a pile of lovey-dovey tracks with zero personality.

Which again, is sad considering the dually impressive guest spots she’s made with Wale on his spring time jam “Chillin” and with the comedic geniuses The Lonely Island for their third duet with Justin Timberlake, “Three Way”. Gaga can’t walk into a room without her personality shining through, so why did she put something out that was just so snooze button worthy? “Scheiße” is literally a slew of German and other languages just thrown together and put to an awfully slick, but Britney Spears of 2 albums ago beat, while “Marry the Night” essentially sounds like it should be featured in a self help promotional ad with it’s pleas for good times, but being a champion of yourself?

I’m gonna Marry the Night

I won’t give up on my life

I’m a warrior queen

Live passionately


I’m gonna Marry the Dark

Gonna make love to the stars.

I’m a soldier to my own emptiness.

I’m a winner.

I don’t think anyone can take away something plausible from these lyrics. Gaga needs to refuel her internal fire, and find that person who slayed stereo’s with the brilliance of “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” because the one who released “Born this Way” seems trapped and tired, or worse, put on hold under the pressure of her own career. The monsters will wait if the product speaks louder than the blurred message being broadcast to every planet, she hasn’t dominated yet.

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  • Comment by Christopher posted May 25, 2011 at 16:14

    As much as I like GaGa, I have to agree with you. This album is not at all worthy of the hype she has been given it. Sorry GaGa, maybe next time.

  • Comment by debbielynn posted May 25, 2011 at 16:20

    I agree with everything written in this article for as I read this spot on review I’m listening to the album right now and it is very disappointing to say the least in fact I think GaGa needs to go back to the drawing board to find herself once again

  • Comment by KathrynMears posted May 27, 2011 at 17:45

    On first listening to the album, I would have agreed with you. However, on multiple listenings I have fallen in love with the album and am still listening to it on repeat! Gaga knows what her fans like and I believe this is still it. My favourite is Heavy Metal Lover, Gaga can really write a hook.