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Exclusive: TAM Screens …music video?

This past week I had the privilege of chatting with a really cool band from burgeoning Tucson, Arizona. When I say they’re cool, I mean it in every sense of the word, all the way down to their name, “…music video?” Paul explained that in the beginning, it was just “music video” but when working on an MS Paint drawing – which evolved into something like the picture below – he made a logo of a TV with wings and a thought bubble, thus explaining the “…” Since then, the TV with wings has become their image and their representative image.

Music Video MS Paint

I wanted to know how the band developed their sound, as it is so unique and fresh. To get to the bottom of this, I asked them what their influences are. I got some expected and some surprising answers. Wes made it clear the The Flaming Lips are his go to tunes used to inspire him, but also eluded to drawing from Radiohead and Massive Attack as well. Paul leans towards the pop-ier side of the music world, with catchier influences like Prince and Cindy Lauper, but overlaps with Wes’s Trip Hop influences as well. The third member, Justin, simply had too many to name. They are also somewhat influenced by the recently emerging Electronic Music scene, and plan to record only electronic drums on their next album.

The main theme of their latest album, is of course centered around heart break and both healthy and failed relationships. This subject usually makes for the best albums, and it definitely comes through on their latest record.

As we all know, the West is somewhat of a Mecca for new music, with festivals like SXSW and Coachella in Austin, TX and Indio, CA respectively. What we don’t all know is that Tucson, AZ has a blossoming music scene as well. Justin, having been a part of it the longest, detailed that the music scene is somewhat flooded, and their are too many bands, he says, “everybody is in a band.” But for …music video?, they are happy that they are not necessarily part of the Desert Rock scene, but that they respected and are respected by the bands within that scene. Although a lot of the bands come from completely different worlds, within the Tucson music scene, everyone likes to help one another and promote one another.

Paul explained the band’s recording process to me, and I was not surprised that, with the exception of their newest album, they rarely meet up and record all at the same time, but in the past, they have emailed bits and pieces of songs back and forth between each other. Wes then detailed that, on their latest album, they used emailing to sketch out a demo, but in the end, put the finishing touches on it in the traditional fashion of meeting in the room and plugging through it.

For those of you who don’t know, their latest album, If This TV Could Talk, was released digitally this past February and will be in stores May 3rd, on Fort Lowell Records and is available on iTunes. Although this album will be released independently, the band made it clear to me that they have a symbiotic relationship with their label, which only puts out colored 7 inch Vinyl, and is based in Tucson as well. I personally was instantly drawn in by the album, of course having never heard of …Music Video? before, and have since become enthralled by it.


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