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Haters Hate, But EDM Is On The Rise

For all you late bloomers out there, EDM is the acronym for Electronic Dance Music. For all you haters out there, I don’t care  what you think or what you say, EDM is taking over the world, and there’s no denying it. If you need proof of this, have no fear, it is plentiful. Since the 1950′s, Mainstream Pop has dominated the air waves, the charts, and the record industry as a whole. In the past 3 years, Pop is slowly but surely being dissolved, diluted and flat out taken over by the sounds EDM lovers have been listening to for 20 years.


Some overwhelming evidence is the latest album from former Pop Mega Star/Psycho turned EDM concubine, Britney Spears. “Femme Fatale” is a EDM masterpiece. Laced with Dub Step, House and Trance beats combined with her sexy voice and collaborations with the likes of Dub Step legend Rusko, I was fascinated by her choice to leave her comfort zone and risk making this album. By risk, I mean, she could have just made another typical Britney album that would sell a million copies, but she didn’t, she took a chance and made an amazing album that is making waves in both the EDM and Pop worlds. Lets just say Lady Gaga’s mega pop homoerotic anthem “Born This Way” needs some work if she’s going to compete with Britney.

Side Note: “Femme Fatale” is the favorite album of the year so far among Rolling Magazine Staff.

Now you’re probably saying, well Rihanna and J Lo and Christina Aguilera all have dance songs. While this is true (although usually remixes of original songs), the key word is that they have A song, where as Britney has made an entire album under the influence of EDM.

Next. Although Rap is technically not Pop, it has become mainstream and guess what, it is being taken over by EDM, or at least rappers, one by one are subscribing to the potential magnitude of an EDM track with rap vocals. Recently, Super Producer/Rapper Lil’ John has made tracks with Diplo, Laidback Luke and The Bloody Beat Roots, all EDM staples. Busta Rhymes has collaborated with Tiesto and Diplo on their track “C’mon”. Chris Brown has tracks with Benny Benassi and has collaborated with Lil’ Wayne and Busta on a track co-produced by Diplo and Afrojack. Finally, Snoop Dogg has just released a remix of his record “Wet” by David Guetta.

Side note: EDM is also taking over the movie industry with Daft Punk orchestrating the “Tron” soundtrack, and the Chemical Brothers writing and recording the entire soundtrack for “Hannah”

Finally, my last piece of evidence lies in one word. Skrillex. Skrillex, a.k.a. Sonny Moore is the new EDM prodigy on the block. Everyone of his songs is literally, excuse my French, a mind fuck. He knows no bounds, and takes music to the absolute limit of the audible spectrum. The word Genre means nothing to him, in that his songs have elements of everything. From pop to rap, heavy metal hardcore rock to dub step, trance to house, and some of it, like his unreleased track “Equinox”, which simply cannot be classified. He has literally made sounds that human ears have never heard before, and i get goosebumps every time.

The point I’m trying to get across, is that a lot of people simply discredit EDM. They say it doesn’t take any talent to make a techno song. This is simply not true. Lovers of EDM are not all a bunch of sweaty, E filled messes, and this is just the beginning. If my hunch is correct, we are going to see more and more genres melting into the EDM class and changing the face of music as we know it.


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  • Comment by Rayne420 posted April 20, 2011 at 14:24

    well for Starters EDM isa take over im pysched about it im a rapper and if anyone ever wants to here a fresh new mix i will send it to you for free out of my email i have not posted on youtube because of all of the pirating goin on but again i urge you to hit me up on my email i will send a album to who ever does.

  • Comment by Wannabe Kiddies posted June 28, 2012 at 00:54

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrr. electronic music (NOT EDM) has been around since the late 80′s kiddies. just none of you were born then. Electronic music producers such as Orbital and Underworld have been making movie soundtracks before you were born also. Again you THINK just because Daft Punk does the Tron soundtrack it’s some revolutionary thing? I had “Homework” by Daft Punk in 1997 what were you listening to then? oh right, you didn’t know what Daft Punk was until you got on YouTube.

    you KIDDIES need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and do some research about ELECTRONIC MUSIC – NOT this BULLSHIT known as EDM. There are genres out there like Ambient, IDM, Trip Hop, and Chillout – not just commercial dance garbage like Trance and House and Fake ass USA Dubstep. Try listening to REAL Detroit Techno (the pioneers Juan, Derrick and Kevin!) and REAL German Electro (Kraftwerk!) and not that wannabe Deadmau5 and the sellout garbage from Skrillex.

    “They say it doesn’t take any talent to make a techno song”

    how can you make this comment when clearly you don’t even fucking know what TECHNO is???? DO SOME RESEARCH KIDDIES. Electronic Music was here LONG BEFORE YOU and your lame EDM.

  • Comment by angel posted August 31, 2012 at 08:29

    EDM is a modern day version of disco and its only a matter of time before “EDM sucks” t Shirts are sold in ebay

  • Comment by dANCE music Bug posted March 27, 2013 at 23:41

    that rotten crap noise got to go.

    Krap noise has been allowed to exist far to long .

    away with the skunky shouting junk now .

  • Comment by Bitch Plz posted April 06, 2013 at 19:04

    EDM is not taking over, everybody is just hopping on its dick cause its the hot new party trend (at least in the US). Same thing happened with urban/crunk music not long ago and even disco music if you want to reach back even further. Music travels in cycles and it will eventually be stamped out by something. And yes it has the potential to be innovative (I respect that Skrillex is doing his own thing and making the genre his bitch), but you cant deny that all these mainstream artists are doing is hopping on the bandwagon. Don’t know why you would support that, the mainstream is always gonna water down and commercialize whatever genre they get their hands on. I personally hate that sort of takeover, its just gonna end up giving genuine EDM artists a bad name.