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Opinion: Kanye Wests Video Sucks, Mine Is Better

I wish I was hanging out with all the cool kids at SXSW last week. Instead I was in LA, trying to make productive use of my time. I put together a video for Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.” The track is dope, but the official video is not dope.

First of all, showing the words to your song in bright letters was already done much better in the video for Justice’s DVNO.

Second of all, the color strobe effect is annoying, regardless of whether or not it gives you an epileptic seizure.

Third of all, so is the opening with the little girl.

Fourth of all, dancing on top of cars has been done to death. Just because it’s a cop car with emergency beacons flashing, doesn’t mean you aren’t performing the music video equivalent of a stand-up comic telling jokes about air travel.

In fact, Zach Galifanakis also made his own version of a Kanye video.

My repurposed Kanye video got pulled from youtube within 24 hours, but I think it’s more because of protections on the video source material.

Say what you will about regional Mexican music, they’re definitely on top of their game when it comes to copyright enforcement. So I posted the video on my website, where you can watch it until the lawyers call.

Final of all, we had our expectations raised high by the grandiose excess of the “Runaway” video, and then all that we get for the hit single off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is some Rihanna side boob and Kid Cudi coyly not looking at us. Lame.

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