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Review: Strfkr Mix Downtempo Electro With Pop Melodies

New Release Day! March 8th has brought us Reptilians, the latest release by Starfucker. For those of you repulsed by the name we”ll refer to them as Strfkr which they use while on tour. This is an electronic group born in Portland, Oregon which has brought us a cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I first discovered this band thanks to a target advertisement featuring pepto bismol, which brought the young electronic group to my attention. While my info about the band is limited, the release would be worthy of a mix tape featuring MGMT and Of Montreal.

It”s downtempo electro with a dancable beat and pop melodies. The album starts out in the danceable realm with songs like “Julius” and “Bury Us Alive” which would make instant connection with any fan of the Flaming Lips. For those looking for something a little deeper than pop hooks, they include quotes by philosopher Alan Watts which will give you someone new to Google, wikipedia, or whatever it is you kids do these days. The layers of synth textures possess the ability to lull you into a stupor as you progress into the album with Millions breaking the trance with a bouncy upbeat feel which carries you out of the record. I urge you to buy this album, especially with a band so small, but YouTube does have the album available for .

Enjoy, support the artists.

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