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Review: Skrillex Renders Audiences Ears Useless, Rocks The Show

Being only 22, Skrillex has already had a dream career. Prior to his current popularity as a producer and DJ, he was the singer for Pop Punk darlings From First to Last. After that, he went on a successful solo streak for a while with Team Sleep. All of this before the kid could legally buy a beer at the shows he’d been playing since 16 years old. On his recent stop in New Orleans, Skillex proved again why he’s one of the most sought after dj’s in the game today, managing to sell out his show at Ampersand night club. With a severely oversold crowd surging to his every whim, and plenty more of disappointed people turned away at the door, Skrillex stood behind his dubstep battle station and gave the throngs of people, not much younger than him decked out in neon, and waving their glow sticks every reason to lose themselves in his chaotic beats.

With a far beyond fire safety packed room, the night sped past as bodies crowd surfed in the front, and expensive liquor bottles drained in the back by the more affluent clientele. Being Deadmau5’s prodigy in training, Skrillex is creating a nicely carved niche for himself in the growing dupstep scene. Even though, he lives in the shadow of the Mau5, Skrillex is showing no fear in proving that he’s perfectly capable of rendering the ears useless with such subwoofer destroyers as “My Name is Skrillex” and his newer masterpiece “ Scary Monster and Nice Sprites.”

The beauty of Skrillex is that his background isn’t simply just a DJ who spins records and matches beats. He’s a tried and true punk rock kid who’s already toured the world before his car insurance drops at 25. His timings and musical patterns clearly delineate someone whose influences lean more to the chaos of metal and hardcore than Tiesto or Paul Oakenfold. The show was cramped, sweaty, exhausting, and filled with people on more drugs than in Charlie Sheen’s urine, but then universal energy rocked the house, and only make acts with world wide appeal much more apt to coming down to the dirty coast to kill a club for an evening.

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  • Comment by John posted September 14, 2011 at 21:30


  • Comment by Molly White posted December 14, 2011 at 15:25

    SKRILLEX IS AMAZING! ABSOLUTELY AMAAZZZINNNG! Went to The Moon in Tallahassee this past Monday to see Skrillex Cell tour and it blew my mind! SUCH a good time!!!!


  • Comment by Raxa posted February 20, 2012 at 05:30


  • Comment by James posted April 03, 2012 at 07:23

    His music is shit. Give me the prodigy anyday