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Review: Elika’s Debut Album Fit For A Hipster Style Straight Jacket

When I hear faint, droning female vocals, I get weird. I love them mixed with a little depressing music ala Mazzy Star, Portishead or at least offered in a way that I find exciting in lieu of the monotony going on, musically speaking. On Elika’s debut “Snuggle Bunnies” there isn’t much of either that kicks the listener in the ear. The music is clearly aimed for the Pitchfork/MGMT/hipster crowds who drink tasteless cheap beer and purchase clothes for the sake of irony. Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo’s debut sounds like pleasant background noise for someone who’s genuinely excited about the waste of a weekend known as Coachella.

The songs feature a variety of clicks and beeps and strummed guitars set to awkwardly programmed drum loops or claps by means of experienced Mac use or an 808. Elika’s music isn’t poorly written or, bad it doesn’t sound like a terrible demo tape or something produced in a garage. These kids know what they’re doing, but the overall end product just falls short of entertaining me beyond skipping around hoping for that one standout track on the record. That aspect is rock solid. It’s just boring. Really, really boring. Unless they have a major light show, or stage experience, I’d fall asleep watching this in person.

I have nothing else to say other than that. Hence this brief review on Elika’s “Snuggle Bunnies.”

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