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Play It Loud Presents: Top 20 Club Bangers (Electronic Music) of 2010 (6-10)

Sorry for the delay over the holiday weekend, I know you guys could hardly wait to find out the rest of the Top 20 so now for 10-6!

10. “When Love Calls (Vocal Mix)” – Nicky Romero ft. Basto!: This song just has a great, pounding House beat with some Trance-y elements laid over it, making it an amazing Progressive House song. The vocals are what brings it home, the prototypical club voice pulls the song together.

9. “Some Chords” – deadmau5: Pronounced Dead Mouse, A.K.A. Joel Zimmerman of Ontario, Canada. The 29 year old performs while wearing a giant mouse head, just another thing that separates him from other ordinary DJ’s. I had the pleasure of seeing deadmau5 perform in 2008, and at the time he was doing a small gig at Webster hall on Thanksgiving Eve, and I had no idea I was watching a soon to be superstar. Anyway “Some Chords” is another amazing song that comes in at number nine.

8. “Silvia (Sebastian Ingrosso and Dirty South Remix)” – Miike Snow: The original version of this song is amazing to begin with, but with Dirty South and Sebastian Ingrosso (One arm of the trifecta that is Swedish House Mafia) working together, this remix is just on a whole other level. You have to listen to it yourself to believe it.

7. “Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)” – Adrian Lux: Another member of the Swedish House Mafia, Axwell takes an already great song and puts his touch on it. Fortunately for us, everything that Axwell has touched this year has turned to gold. This solid House song just screams sweaty night club dance floor with the girl of your dreams. Definitely one of my favorites.

6. “Miami 2 Ibiza” – Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempa: It’s safe to assume that The Swedish House Mafia has had a wonderful year. After being headliners at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, as well as holding a summer long residency on the Island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain, this song is literally the story of this mega trio’s lives. Made up of Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, and Steve Angelo, these three Sweds have taken the electronic music world by storm. They literally built a night club out of a tent and had a massive rave for one night only, calling it the Masquerade Motel. They also have documentary out called “Take One”. Check that out, check out the album “Until One” and get into SHM, cause they are taking over.

Stay Tuned for the Top 5!!

Check out Miami 2 Ibiza:

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  • Comment by Glen posted February 08, 2011 at 17:44

    This has inspired me to share my own top five, as I have for a few different music magazines but never seem to get the chance to write about anything that deviates too severely from pop or indie rock! Here is my list of current electro-faves

    tycho – a bit derivitive of boc? yes… in the most delicious way possible.

    aphex twin – amazing what the man could do with the rudimentary technologies afforded to him in 1994

    Boards of Canada- Nature encapsulated in thick organic soundcollages. seminal, classic, required

    Fever Sleep – Little known but amazingly communicative… songs are like snapshots of memories. And all free:

    Eluvium – Mathew is a brilliant introvert. What he does with tapes and pianos will never earn him money, but certainly a place in our hearts if we listen well.

    Other folks have suggestions?