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Record of the Week: Fenech-Soler’s “Demons”

This week, I have chosen a song that some of you may have heard, but most of you probably have not. “Demons” by Fenech-Soler has been on repeat for about a week now on my iPod, and I just can’t get enough of it. The British electropop band released their first studio album just 4 months ago, and is slowly making waves, especially in the UK. “Demons” as well as their other single “Lies” are both constantly on BBC Radio 1, which is usually a pretty good indication that they will slowly begin to have a presence on American radio. The first single off the album “Stop and Stare” was also featured as a Record of the Week on Radio 1.

“Demons” is a great, energetic song that puts me in a great mood, and literally encourages me to fight my demons off. With a pounding disco beat, and synth piano and effects over front man Ben Duffy’s melodic voice and lyrics, the song is as addicting as crack. Check out Fenech-Soler on Youtube, as their self-titled album is not yet available in the US, at least not on iTunes. I can’t encourage other means of getting the music, but if you are a pirate, I would definitely recommend the entire album.

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