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The Killers Give Life

Some of you may know this, and some of you may not, but aside from today being December 1st, it is also World AIDS Day. You may now find yourselves asking, “Well what does this have to do with music?” The answer is The Killers!

For the past 5 years, around this time of year, The Killers have released a Christmas song. They have done this religiously regardless of what they were up to at the time. Some of you may also not know that The Killers are currently “taking a break” while front man Brandon Flowers tours for his new solo project Flamingo, so it’s nice to see The Killers as a whole back to work.

One of my favorites of the other four songs was “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”, which was last year’s song. This year, The Killers have put out a fantastic song called “Boots” that features a melodic chorus with warm holiday lyrics that put you right in your living room on Christmas Eve!

Aside from being great songs, what makes them really special is that all the proceeds go to charity, in particular the (RED) Organization. So get your holiday cheer and generosity on and check out the music video (directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite)) and buy the song while you’re there.

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