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Interview: MOD SUN Illuminates Boston

This past week, I was enlightened. I went across the Charles into Cambridge to check out a relatively unknown artist named MOD SUN aka Modern Sunshine. When I got to The Middle East (venue), all was quiet outside and you would never know what was going on in the basement. I was a little late to the show, so when I got downstairs, MOD was already on stage and it was just an instant wave of energy and positivity that came over me the second I saw them.

Bouncing all over the place, MOD, with his long hair all over his face, was spitting his long and complex rhymes, that he calls “Hippy Hop” straight from his dome to the speakers, and the crowd, most of whom (myself included) had probably never heard of the wonder kid that is MOD SUN, was going nuts. Surrounded by his bassist Chad Crawford, and DJ Pouyan Afkary, both formerly of the band Scary Kids Scary Kids, MOD took control of the entire venue and seemingly emitted rays of energy over every one.

A couple songs in, he brought to the stage Pat Brown formerly of Sing it Loud, who assisted MOD in further pleasing the crowd with an acoustic rhythm part and vocals on “The Path Less Traveled On” off of the Hippy Hop EP. He followed this with “No Girlfriend” which drove the mostly chick populated crowd nuts! He claims that there will be, “No girlfriend until I make a Million” which will be sooner than later.

Having never really heard of MOD SUN before, and merely skimming over his Myspace page, I was excited at the prospect of interviewing him. Personally I like interviewing artist who are coming up in the ranks and on the charts, because there is still something pure and innocent within them that puts into perspective the real life of what it is to be an artist.

Keep reading my in depth interview with MOD and check out about half way through for a crazy story from the road brought up by Pouyan and Chad, that MOD, who admittedly smokes more than anyone he knows didn’t have any recollection of.

Interview Transcript:

Jon – Alright I’m sitting here with Mod Sun, so to start can you just elaborate on that? The meaning, where it comes from?

MOD SUN – Yea, ok check it out, my name is Mod Sun, M O D S U N, it stands for Movement On Dreams Stand Under None, and also short for Modern Sunshine. Um the type of music I make is called “Hippy Hop”, it’s all about being positive and uh just being happy in every situation possible, and uh I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, I got lots of free music out, and I’m currently about to put out my new EP called “In Mod We Trust”, and you are going to love it, I promise you!

J – I’m sure we will! Alright, who would you say are your musical influences?

M – Ah, ok with my music, uh personally I didn’t really listen to Hip Hop, until I started makin it, and um personally my favorite artist in the whole world is Bob Dylan, that’s my favorite artist ever. Um followed by like, uh I really like this group called Tegan and Sarah which is like these two chicks from Canada, like so my music influences range from insane shit, but like recently, since I started making Hip Hop, you know you start studying it and you learn the best parts of this and the best parts of that, how to do it, you know? So um, so yeah my influences kinda really range outside of Hip Hop. Obviously there’s great Hip Hop, um I love Cudi, he’s the man, Wu Tang, all that shit.

J – Nice, so do you have any non-musical influences? Painters, artists, stuff like that?

M – Yea, you know, absolutely, there’s directors that I’m really inspired by, that are doin movies and stuff. Art is always cool, I was originally really into the street art kinda stuff, and like prints and stuff like that, so arts cool, but yea directors man, film is like getting to like a really cool place right now.

J – Your videos are awesome haha.

M – Oh thank you man, Thanks haha!!

J – So you’ve been tour for a little while now, and you’ve got a bunch more shows to go, so how’s that going for you, how do you think its goin?

M – Man, this tour, specifically, has been wonderful man. Like basically the croud is 90% people that have never heard me before, and so it’s uh, it’s one of those things where I’m doing nothing but making new friends, and adding to the movement you know? Um, all the dudes are really cool which is the most important thing, and uh, it’s awesome when you like, like obviously when you listen to a band, lets say you’re about to tour with someone, you obviously go check out the band, and then you hear their music, and then of course you go ok, and you look at the pictures and you hear the music and you go ok, you know, you really know how people are gonna be, but obviously people have these first initial thoughts when they see something or hear something, you know, and it’s been so fun to like meet the people you tour with, you know what I’m saying?! Yea, and it’s like all these dudes are so cool man, probably the coolest like all around people I’ve toured with.

J – Awesome, I know that kinda stuff is important. So staying on the topic of the tour, is there anything crazy that’s happened, that sticks out?

M – Oh man, my dudes Pouyan (Afkary) and Chad (Crawford) from Scary Kids Scary Kids, Pouyan DJ’s for me and Chad plays Bass. Man it’s been a party every single night, like last night in New York City all of us got completely black out drunk and went crazy!, like I don’t know how we got back any where, like people where carrying us, it was insane… (Pouyan says something in the background) Wait what happened?

P – No one told you about that, you were passed out at the time.

M – Did it break?

P – There was someone drunk in the van, not gonna name any names, but there was someone drunk in our van that wasn’t part of our crew, but he opened the van door to puke while we’re drivin fifty miles an hour in the middle of the city.

M – This is last night.

P – Last night, drivin in the middle of the city, alright, our fog machine falls out and goes, “boom, bom bom bom booom booom” and then all the sudden he starts fallin out. So we grab his ass and we pull him back in, and we fuckin pull over to let him puke.

C – But he feels bad, so he starts running, fucking like a mile, like flopping all over the place…

M – Nooo dude Oh My God!! And meanwhile I’m like completely trashed, not even..

P – He’s literally doubled over.

J – Haha sounds like you guys are having a really good time.

M – Oh yea man, every night.

J – So, for you, what’s next? More touring? I know you just said you’re putting out a new EP, but do you have any plans to get back in the studio?

M – Yup yup, right now the plans are, today is the uh the third, November third. In two days, November fifth, I’m releasing my first single off the new EP, “In Mod We Trust”. Um the new song I’m putting out is called “Need That”. I recorded with this dude Dave Segal, he did T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”, he did Soulja Boy’s “Kiss Me Through The Phone”, like just an insane key player, man, like insane, insane musician. Ans so I recorded the whole new EP with him, and it’s incredible, like next level shit from me for sure. Um so yea, I’m releasing that in December. So I get home, in the last twelve months, I’ve spent two of them at home, so like I really haven’t been home at all, so after this tour.

J – So where’s home for you?

M – Uh Minnesota slash Amsterdam haha, um but, so yea man I’m gonna be home, December first is when this tour ends, and I think my EP is gonna come out December 15th, that’s like the tentative date, but everything always gets pushed around. Then all of December I’m gonna be doin a mix tape, it’s gonna be called “Blazed By The Bell”, it’s all surrounded by Saved by the Bell oriented, it’s hilarious, we already got a song with Nipsey Hussle and Mims, 88 Keys, Statik Selektah, all the cats, so yea man, lot’s of new music to be comin out soon, but I’m not gonna be doing any touring in December, and then January I think I’m going back to New Zealand and shit so…

J – Nice, so you just mentioned a couple of your collaborations, so for you, what would be like your ultimate collaboration?

M – Oh man, uh ok, I would love to, and I don’t ever like to say, like this wouldn’t happen, or this can’t happen or wont happen, but I mean, I would love to do a song with Bob Dylan, but that’s just so like, you know what I’m sayin?, like that’s number one, I would love that. As far as Hip Hop goes, like I would love to do a song with, obviously working with Kanye would be sick, doin a song with Method Man would be sick, um outside of that, one with Tegan and Sarah would be amazing, like all that, Passion Pit, bring the Postal Service back for a track you know what I’m sayin? So dude all across the board man.

J – Seems like you have a lot of aspirations and positive energy, so I’m sure you’ll get all that. So last question, if you where to turn on your iPod right now, which you currently have infront of you, (iPhone) what would be playing?

M – Oh yea, yea, let me check, um hold on let’s see what’s on (turns on iPhone). Right now it’s on this dude named Big Shawn, his mixtape called “Finally Famous”, which is dope, um before that I was listening to Amy Winehouse, and I Love Amy Winehouse!! Straight up, Amy Winehouse is the shit! Man I wanna do a song with her to! But yea man it’s all across the board, like I said, I really didn’t start listening to hip hop till I started makin it, so now I’m studying you know?

J – Definitely man, well thanks a lot Mod, I really appreciate the time dude great interview, and good luck with the rest of the tour and the new EP!

After catching one of his shows, listening to literally all of his songs, and having the pleasure of interviewing him, all I can say is keep you eyes and ears open, cause MOD SUN is gonna be big. Check out his myspace and listen to his songs for free, Look out for his new EP in December and pick up the latest single “Need That” on iTunes ASAP

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