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Opinion: Is Walmart On The Verge Of A Kanye West Lawsuit?

This is the album cover for Kanye West’s latest album, to be released on November 22nd. It has apparently been banned in Walmarts across America. People soon forget Pink Floyd’s “Shine On” album cover, which featured a naked person floating above the ocean. They also forget Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover which featured a full frontal baby boy underwater. And we cant forget Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” which features Katy (hotter then ever) floating on a cloud with what looks like a band of “cloud material” covering her ass. The list goes on.

My point is, we have accepted nudity or partial nudity on tons of other albums, and now that Kanye puts a black male cartoon, and a white, not even woman, but “Phoenix” cartoon presumably making love on a couch, suddenly it’s blasphemy?? I think that this is ridiculous and Kanye does have grounds for legal action… but what Walmart (shit hole good for cheap beer and STD’s) doesn’t realize is that they are actually only going to lose money on this. Now that there is even more controversy, on top of fact that the words controversy and Kanye are essentially one in the same, more people are going to want to own a physical copy of the image that caused all this trouble, and they wont be cramming into Walmart to get it.

Kanye put it best on his twitter this after noon when he said, “In response to the reaction of my album cover… “I’m deeply sorry if I haven’t offended everybody”” He is confident in his work, which he considers to be a craft that he has mastered, and I tend to agree with him as I own all his albums and am a huge fan. So here’s to the douche-bags and assholes who take offense to the work of art that is going to be “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” I personally can’t wait to get it.

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