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Throwback Thursday: 1990

Hop in my virtual DeLorean and let’s revisit the musical hits and misses of the past. Every Thursday I’m going to take you on a musical journey back to a particular year in music. We’ll reminisce about the songs we loved, hated and loved to hate, and we’ll even check out some #1’s from before we were born. Since this list can’t possibly include all of the year’s greatest, make sure to comment and tell us your favorite songs from 1990!

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” – Michael Bolton

Ohh Michael Bolton. You really know how to make a girl’s heart melt. The one thing I remember about this song, besides Michael’s luscious golden locks, is Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater’s duet of it on Saved By the Bell. For those of you who don’t remember, this was the episode where Kelly breaks up with Zach because she cheated on him with Jeff. Zach Morris, you and your gigantic cellphone will never have to live without me.

Opposites Attract” – Paula Abdul with The Wild Pair

Two steps forward…Two steps back…we come together cause opposites attract.” I liked this album so much that I had not one, but two cassette tapes of “Forever Your Girl.”

I’m not really sure who The Wild Pair is, maybe it’s the rapping cartoon cat she’s dancing with in the video. And everyone thought Paula Abdul only went crazy recently on American Idol.

Nothing Compares 2 U” – Sinead O’Connor

Written by Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U” was not only one of the best songs of 1990, but also one of the best one-hit wonders ever. It won Best Video at the 1990 VMA’s and was the first video by a female artist to do so. She followed this hit with tearing up a photo of the Pope while performing on live TV. Not exactly the smartest career move to date.

Step by Step” – New Kids on the Block

The New Kids on the Block brought us so much: the tail, the buffalo stance, some sweet Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance moves, even sheet sets and Barbie dolls. This song was NKOTB’s biggest hit to date and lasted at the #1 spot on the charts for 3 weeks. If you are a girl who was born in the 80’s, you know what all of the steps in this song are. Check out these dance moves!

Ice Ice Baby”- Vanilla Ice

Yo VIP let’s kick it! Now on to my favorite song of 1990. Yes, I still know every word to this song, and I’m not ashamed of it. Don’t make me sing it. The hair…the running man…Ohh Vanilla, Play That Funky Music White Boy…

Vision of Love” – Mariah Carey- debut single

Before she was a Heartbreaker or an Empancipated Mimi, Mariah Carey had a Vision of Love. Her debut single was an immediate hit despite the fact that Mariah’s stage fright initially kept her from touring. She’s had some staying power over her 20+ year career and you have to admit it, she has some serious pipes.

Vogue” – Madonna

Madonna introduced the world to many things in the 1990s including this dance and the cone-shaped bra. I don’t know about you, but I say slutty Madonna was wayyy more fun than Kabbalah Madonna.

Just A Friend” – Biz Markie

“Oh baby youuu, you got what I neeeed. But you say he’s just a friend. You say he’s just a friend.” I guarantee this song will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The overwhelming popularity of this song overshadows the success of Biz Markie’s previous songs and thus classifies him as one of the greatest one-hit wonders ever. And, hey, any video that features Biz Markie dressed up like Mozart is alright with me.

Groove Is In the Heart”- Deee Lite and “Wiggle It”- 2 In a Room

There’s not much to say about these songs except thank you for making us shake our rumps in 1990.

I Touch Myself”- Divinyls

I think this one speaks for itself. “When I think about you I touch myself. Whoa-oh-oh.”

Black Velvet” – Alannah Myles

I distinctly remember my mom singing this song all the time which is why I felt the need to include it. However, I just recently found out that this song is actually about Elvis, although nobody really knows if it’s about his likeness being painted on black velvet, his voice or his hair dye. Something to think about, I guess.

It Must Have Been Love” – Roxette

Of course I had to include a song off the “Pretty Woman” soundtrack because it’s a classic. Everytime I watch this movie I remember my mom telling me that I shouldn’t want to be a prostitute when I grew up because I wouldn’t get a fairytale ending like Julia Roberts got. As if she had to explain to me that prostitutes don’t end up with Richard Gere. They only end up with Hugh Grant or Eddie Murphy. But in the words of Roxette, “It must have been love, but it’s over now.”

That’s it. I love you 1990, but you are over now. And, so is this edition of Throwback Thursday. See you next week!

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