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Review: Black Keys Return With Sixth Studio Album

Do the dudes in The Black Keys sleep? I am convinced they are unaware of the modern advances in science known as Ambien and other sleep aids available to two men clearly in need of either spending some time away from each other or a few hours of rest at the very least. It’s May, and they already have a new album out. Seriously. “Blackrok”, the first non-lame rap-rock collaboration record since Anthrax just came out, like what three months ago? And now, we’ve got “Brothers” another solid record. Where do they find time to write so many songs? Do they hear music when they use the bathroom? Imagine what their dreams sound like!

On the track “Go getter” it’s typical bluesy Black Keys you’d expect, but it’s got slick keyboards that feel like wet pavement after the rain. The record as a whole isn’t all rock city like some of their stuff can, be instead it’s a really good album to sit and just enjoy, it’s relaxing, the kind of record a pot head can enjoy while smoking themselves comatose or a party record no one will bitch about. Aren’t those two key factors involved when you say a record is good, verses acceptable?

A lot of the guitar work calls back to later 60’s style in progressive measure while slightly keeping the ideas of Thom Yorke or Johnny Greenwood mixed in with the signature Keys style.

“Never gonna give you up” is filthy sex music. I can’t say it any clearer or better. Imagine a smoky swingers party with a few Afros and spilled wine and loads of questionable behavior. The fat, distorted riffs make the listener feel like he’s watching someone do something pornographic.

Will this record turn non-converts? It’s possible. The record sure won’t turn anyone already a fan off. There’s no work involved with liking the music. It’s an enjoyable listen. You could clean the house or make love to this record and you’d never stop and go what the hell was that song?! The damn Black Keys strike, again.

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