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Are You As LOST As I Am? (Episode 11)

"Lost's" Hurley

And I’m back, with a new installment of “Are You As LOST As I Am?” This week on “Lost” was a Hurley, or Hugo centric episode, rightfully titled “Everybody Loves Hugo,” and boy was it good. Hugo is one of my and most people’s favorite characters on the show, best known for his size, nervousness, heavy use of the word “Dude?” and of course, his ability to talk to the dead. Starting the episode off in a flash sideways, we get to see Hurley as the owner of a chicken franchise and all of his success and endeavors giving him everything in life but a women to love him.

As we learned in last weeks, episode Desmond is bridging the two time lines once Charlie informed him of his duties, he met his soul mate, Penny, and now he is helping everyone realize that they are not limited to this life. When he meets Hurley at one of his chicken joints, he asks why he’s depressed, and Hurley explains that he met a girl, Libby, who told him that she knew him and they were in love in another life, and forgot to mention that she was crazy. Desmond informs Hurley that he needs to go and see her.

Back on the island, Hurley is told by Michael (Dead) that he needs to stop Ilana from blowing up the plane, for it will bring death to everyone, and if he doesn’t stop her, he will be at fault. Thankfully, Ilana meets her demise while on her mission to destroy the plane, but Alpert convinces the group that they need to go back to the Black Rock and finish what she started. Hurley puts and end to this by blowing up the Black Rock and tells Alpert and the rest that Jacob said they need to go to Locke (MIB) and talk to him. Alpert not buying this leads Ben and Miles to the Dharma barracks to get some grenades and blow up the plane, meanwhile Hurley, having lied to the group about Jacob leads Jack, Sun, and Lapidus to meet Locke (MIB).

On their journey to Locke (MIB) Hurley tells Jack he lied when suddenly the “whispers” come, and Hurley talks to Michael, who is again, dead. Michael explains that the whispers are the people who have passed on the island and are stuck there. Michael apologizes to Hurley for killing Libby, and asks him to say sorry to her if he sees her around. He also points them in the direction of Locke (MIB).

Sayyid having captured Desmond last week, brings him to Locke (MIB), who takes him to a well, presumably the well with wheel used by both Ben and Locke to get off the island. On the way to the well, both Locke (MIB) and Desmond see a young boy dressed in clothes of old with a black-ish vest on, so this could possibly be mini MIB. Once they arrive at the well, of course Locke throws Desmond down there… for what reason, I don’t know.

Back in the sideways, Hurley goes to the institution where Libby is staying, and with the help of a generous donation, gets a date with her. They go on a picnic on the beach, and discuss how on earth Libby knows Hurley, and upon kissing, Hurley manifests memories they had on the island, thus proving Libby is not crazy.

To end the episode, Hurley and the gang arrive at Locke’s (MIB’s) camp and ask to talk in peace. And finally Desmond pays a visit to Locke (Not MIB), which will hopefully be explained.

Next week, we can look forward to “The Last Recruit.” My sources tell me this episode will include no members of the original cast, so my guess is that next week, we may learn of the origins of Jacob and MIB and perhaps the beginning of the island, and what it is!!! Stay tuned, just four episodes left till “The End” of  TV as we know it!!

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