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Jon’s Song of the Week: Yea, It’s A Mash Up…

This week I have a pretty interesting song of the week. I recently came across this site called The Hood Internet and this site is maintained by a duo based out of Chicago that specializes in making some pretty amazing mash ups.

You should check out Keegan’s post for more info on mash ups, but the general gist of a mash up is to take two songs that you may or may not ever think about at the same time and, well, mash them up. In this case, The Hood Internet has put out a song called “Two Weeks of Hip Hop”, which, as you may have guessed is a mash up of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”, and Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop”.

Featuring a pounding  kick drum, and marching snare beat, and some goose-bump giving piano power chords, over laced with and M-1’s irresponsible flow, and under laced with Grizzly Bear’s bone chilling “Ohs”, this song just makes me feel like a champion, and knock my head. So do Yourself a favor and check it out, or you can download it fo free here.

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