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Are You As LOST As I Am?


I’m back this week with a LOST post. Sorry for missing last week, but I was just too overwhelmed by the episode and felt that I simply couldn’t do it justice. So this week was a Jin and Sun centric episode, and right away we learn that in the flash sideways Jin and Sun are not married, but after a little foreplay we do learn that they are in fact eloping and this came a little bit as a surprise to me.

Back on the island, Jin is desperate to find Sun as he is planning to leave the MIB’s camp, the entire camp is attacked and Jin is kidnapped. Meanwhile Sun is approached by Locke, or MIB, and he tells her that he can reunite her and Jin, but she doesn’t trust him, which leads to a chase and a bump on the head. Locke returns to find his camp ravaged and Jin missing, so he immediately recruits Sayid to accompany him to retrieve Jin from his captors, who are , if you haven’t already guessed, Widmore’s people.

In the flash sideways, Jin is kidnapped by Keamy and his goons where we find out that Jin was given $25,000 from Sun’s father that was to be payment for his own murder by Keamy.

To close out the episode, we finally find out not what, but who “The Package” is. Desmond Hume is dragged out of the sub, and at this moment, we find out that Widmore is on the island to prevent Locke or MIB from leaving at all costs. I have a theory that Widmore is going to destroy the island because if he cant have it, no one can.

So that about sums up this week’s episode. I personally thought it was slow and boring, and nothing too important was revealed, so that excites me for the rest of the season because there isn’t that much time left to answer a lot of questions.

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  • Comment by Keegan posted April 01, 2010 at 00:50

    great re-cap! but i beg to differ that it was slow and boring. mikael (sp?) losing his eye (hence why he wore a patch on the island) … and remember when jack asked his mom in the FSW when he had his apendix out??, sayid and jin’s story about uniting in the flash sideways met halfway which they’ll definitely elaborate on, there’s definitely significance of sun losing her english … she was pregnant having not been on the island yet??? definitely not jin’s baby.. sayid creeping up in the water? weird. desmond’s baaaaaack! oh and i think jin getting kidnapped had alot to do with sawyer. just me thinking out loud, lost isn’t just a show, its a passion. duh!

  • Comment by Jon posted April 01, 2010 at 14:43

    hey keegan, thanks for your co-writer support lol, im such a huge fan of the show and i agree with everything you said, it was exciting this week, but as compared to some of the other episodes this season and in the past, and the crazy episodes that im positive are coming, i think it was just a little slower, but the mikael appearance was awesome, and sayid is definitely a creep show right now (because he can’t feel anything of course) but like i said it was good overall. im just super excited that Desmond is back in the picture, i dont know how, but i really think hes gonna be a huge part of the finale!! i usually write these about an hour after the episode, so if you watch it live and have something that you think is important, either tweet me or email or something and ill be glad to include your thoughts in the post!! Only 7 more episodes left :.(