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Are You As “LOST” As I Am? Episode 7

So you may have  noticed that I missed last week because I was on vacation, and if you really missed something, I would advise you to go to and check out last weeks episode with the comments that pop up as something important happens. Now on to this week. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season so far, mostly because it was a Ben Linus centered episode, but also because a bunch of things were illuminated.


Firstly, the episode is centered around Ben’s struggle for power in both of the “parallel universes” of “Lost.” On the island, ben has always struggled for power at the mercy of Jacob, and we now know that it was because Ben had to witness his own daughter, the only thing he ever truly cared about, be murdered in front of him, that he had enough anger in him to bring himself to kill Jacob. His resentment came from the fact that he was put in a position to put power before family.

In the flash sideways, Alex, is not Ben’s daughter, but rather his all-star student with ambitions of going to Yale. Ben is a history professor who seems to be in the shadow of a pompous principle who thinks little of him, and takes away his history club, which Alex is a part of, and puts him on detention duty. Ironically, with the suggestion made by John Locke, Ben begins a “coup” of sorts and tries to get leverage against the principle to take his position and do whats right for the students. When Ben finds this leverage, and presents it to the principle as black mail, the principle puts the ball back in his court by threatening to deny Alex her letter of recommendation to Yale. Un like on the island, Ben chooses to do whats best for Alex instead of vying for power.

Another small reveal is that we now know for sure that Richard Alpert does not age, and cannot kill himself because he was given a gift from Jacob. We also know now that he came to the island on the Black Rock, which was hinted at in episode 5 of this season when Locke said, “Nice to see you out of those shackles, Richard”. We also know that the Oceanic six are all “candidates”, minus Aaron, plus Jin, so still six “candidates” who are potential replacements for Jacob, and we now know that Jacob brought them there for a reason and until they fulfill that reason, they cannot die. We know this because the fuse in the dynamite stop just before killing both Jack and Richard.

As for questions, I only have a couple.

1. What specifically is Ilana’s relationship with Jacob, because I feel like he was more then just a father figure to her?

2. Where did Jacob tell Hurley to go, and how did he know to avoid the temple?

3. Why didn’t Ben go to the other island with Locke, if he was promised to be ruler of the island? Was acceptance all he really ever wanted?

4. What the f*ck is Widmore doing in a submarine??

Thats all I got for this week. If you have any insight, please comment and let me know what you think. Like I said, I really liked the episode and I guess this means Ben really is a good guy??

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