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Are you as “LOST” as I am? Episode 5

This week, five episodes into the final season of the greatest TV show/mind-f**k that is “LOST,” I will begin my from henceforth weekly column about what confused me most about the show.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the latest episode don’t read this, and if your not an avid fan also don’t bother because you wont understand.

So lets get right to it.

  1. Why did Jin at first hesitate to tell Claire that Kate has been raising Aaron, and then tell her, and then again deny it? This will only cause problems for both Jin and Kate down the line especially because Claire said, “It’s a good thing you where lying, because if kate was raising Aaron, I would kill her.”
  2. Why does Jack have a son named David, and is his mother Sarah (the woman Jack performs spinal surgery on and then marries)?
  3. Jacob sends Hurley and Jack on an unspecified mission to the Lighthouse (episode title) because he says someone is coming to the island. He tells Hurley to turn the mirrors to 108 degrees, 108 being the number of minutes on the “button” clock in the hatch, so my question is, who is 108? It would only make sense that it was Desmond.
  4. How on earth did all the survivors roam the island for 90 something day before being rescued, as well as some of them canoeing from the big island to the small island, as well as build a raft, and never see this giant light house that seemingly took Hurley and Jack a few hours of hiking to get to?

As always, after watching “LOST” I’m more lost than before and it seems as if they are answering a lot of the old questions we’ve had over the past 5 seasons, but at the same time Darlton (Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse: main/head writers) are introducing more new questions. I can only hope that in the next 13 hours of episodes, they explain everything!

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  • Comment by AJ posted March 01, 2010 at 09:31

    The 108 degrees is irrelevant. Jacob simply knew that Hugo would do exactly as he said and knew that while on the way to 108 degrees would pass over Jacks number and he would in turn have the breakdown and soon to be revalation that hes been chosen and will soon join the good/white side with Jacob, Hurley and himself against the Dark side/Smoke Monster/Clair/and now Sawyer as well.
    It took Jacob a simple ride in the back seat of a taxi to convince Hurley, Jack will have to realize it or “stare into the ocean” on his own.

    Jin is hoping that since Claire has been on the island the entire time that she may have some info as to the whereabouts of Sun. He does not want to compromise this, finding her is still his main objective. This could build into Jin assisting Smoke Monster/Claire/Sawyer/DARK SIDE in infiltrating the temple or finding Jacob and the Good Gang in the hopes of getting closer to Sun.