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Happy Valentine’s Day! Why We “Love” Angels & Airwaves

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Forget chocolates, flowers and those stupid drugstore stuffed animals this year because Angels & Airwaves has an even better gift to give that won’t melt, wilt or die by the end of the week. They are releasing their third studio album, “Love” as a free digital download! Yes, that’s right, all ten tracks will be free of charge!

In doing this Tom DeLonge says they’re “redefining the music business,” but they are taking a big financial risk in the process. DeLonge hopes to earn the $500,000 he’s invested himself through touring, merchandise sales, corporate sponsorships, and premium exclusive tracks. Angels & Airwaves will also be selling a deluxe version of “Love” with a half hour of exclusive bonus material.

Thanks Angels & Airwaves for giving us a gift we actually want this year. Now we are definitely feeling the “Love.” Check out a video of DeLonge talking about “Love” on YouTube below the fold.

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