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Nico Vega, Tiny Venue, Huge Show

Nico Vega's Leading Lady Aja Volkman
Nico Vega’s Leading Lady Aja Volkmanas a whole. My experience was genial and eye opening to say the least.

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of going to see a relatively new band on the scene, Nico Vega. I also had the extreme pleasure of interviewing the band

The venue, T. T. the Bears, in Cambridge, just outside of Boston was a small, cozy place with what seemed to be a regular crowd present along with some fans and family of Nico Vega’s. In my opinion, this was ideal for a show like this.

What I experienced when listening and watching Nico Vega was very personal, and I felt like the band and Aja Volkman, the lead singer, were playing for me and me alone. Aja hit the stage donning a mysterious cloak and seemed as if she was a spirit there to tell us the way of the world

After the first song, the band covered the “House of the Rising Sun” as Aja removed the cloak and the show took off. With Dan Epand vigorously keeping the beat on the drums, and Rich Koehler playing both bass and guitar parts simultaneously, the musicianship in the band is nothing short of extraordinary.

When asked about the fact that they are a mixed gender band, and whether or not that creates any sexual tension, Rich responded “haha sexual tension…we release that sexual tension on stage…that’s where that is…” Dan added “I’d say its like the best thing ever…like when I think of a band of like four guys in a van together it freaks me out…I love the balance.” Rich told it like it is, the stage presence of this band is simply amazing. Aja has the spirit of goddess on stage with her powerful, all knowing voice and an almost ritualistic style of dance. When Rich’s guitar gently weeps, he and Aja come together as if universally in sync with one another, bringing that personal and emotional aspect to the performance.

There is nothing I love more then a band who can produce a solid album in the studio and then hit the road and put on a studio quality show. After becoming familiar with their self-titled debut full-length album over the last few months, I was eager to see if they could truly perform the music they wrote the way it was recorded in the studio. I have been to many concerts in my life, and there are not many bands who can do this, but Nico Vega certainly can.

Being a drummer my self, I focused on Dan and saw that he was truly a master of his craft as was Rich, who shredded perfectly to the note. Most noticeable was Aja’s voice. When asked about her musical influences, she said “personally I love story tellers, so I love Bob Dylan, I love Johnny Cash. Tina Turner originally had a huge impact on me and my voice, I would have to say and so did Janis Joplin.” I couldn’t argue with that, and despite a sore voice that night, Aja delivered a performance like no other, hitting all her notes and sounding exactly as she does on the album.

In my interview with the band, I asked some fan questions gathered from twitter as well.

Q: Are you guys coming back to South by South West in 2010

Rich: “Yea, we are actually, we love it we go there every year, its kinda like you know it’s a rock n roll festival.”

Dan: “it’s Mardi Gras for music.”

Q: If you could play in front of any species of animals, which species would it be?

Rich: “Oh easy…fucking laughin hyenas”

Aja: “I think dolphins and whales”

Rich: “Hahaha laughing hyenas and dolphins and whaes…maybe someday in a better world…”

Dan: “I think giraffes would amuse me, that would definitely like inspire me during the show, yea monkeys too, monkeys and giraffes”

Aja: “I just want us to like set up on a boat and play for dolphins and whales…”

Dan: “No we gotta be in the water with them…performing in the water with them…”

Q: How is the tour with inward eye and neon trees going? Do you guys get along?

Rich: “We love those guys!”

Aja: “Those are great bands, both of them, and really nice people.”

Dan: “Great songs!”

All in all, Nico Vega is definitely hitting the scene, and hard. With having recently released their first music video for ‘Burn Burn” and also having played on “Last Call With Carson Daily” it is safe to say Nico Vega is taking off.

Rich and Dan recall their experience on Last Call:

Rich: “Actually like every show we play, people are like oh we saw you on carson daily, and you know we didnt know how many people watch that show but i guess they do, and yea it definitely has an impact on our fan base…”

Dan: “sure, it was a great experience…fun as hell for us to like be on a studio lot performing in front of cameras. You never know how your gonna respond to that like you got one take and yea but it was fun.”

I don’t know if it is in their agenda to “sell out” but I sure hope they do. Being that their music and lyrics are heavily slated in the problems of the world today, I think they provide a great outlet for the feelings people are having today towards the government, politics, human rights, and peace and love. So if you ever have the chance, I would highly recommend seeing Nico Vega, and definitely check out their latest album ‘Nico Vega’ on iTunes

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