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The Songs In My Head

Following in my fellow writer, Vega’s footsteps, I’ve decided, that maybe not every week, but weeks that I really have a solid list of songs that are stuck in my head, or on repeat on my iPod. So I’ll make a list for all you readers to check out. So this week I’m addicted to the following songs:

She & Him Volume One
She & Him Volume One

“Escape Me” – Tiesto ft. C.C. Sheffield

“My Propeller” – Arctic Monkeys

“You Stole” – Brand New

“Drummer” – Coconut Records

“Shiver” – Coldplay

“Rebel Rebel” – David Bowie

“Family Train” – Nico Vega

“Send Him Away” – Franz Ferdinand

“I Was Made For You”- She & Him

“When You Were Young”- The Killers

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