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The Truth About Tom

Tom Hamilton - Staff Writer

I’m Tom. I live, write and make drinks in Los Angeles, California.

I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, a fact some people dispute, saying “No one is from Delaware.” This is simply not true, and I am living proof. Upon graduating from the University of Delaware with a BA in English, my goals were simple. First was to not live in Delaware. Second was to start making money. I figured I would like to act, write and bartend, in that order. It turns out that the reverse order indicated how profitable each of those vocations would be.

So here I am in Los Angeles. I get on stage every once in a while, do some internet videos, serve drinks at a sports arena/performance venue that I won’t name outright for legal reasons but it’s not tough to guess. You can find out more at my website

And of course, I wouldn’t be here at Truth About Music if I didn’t love music. I was taken to concerts from an early age, there were family sing-alongs (cheese, yes, but delicious cheese), I taught myself how to play banjo, and sang with a high school choir that traveled the world. I try to see as many of the best acts out there as I can. There is nothing like the elevation of heart and soul that occurs in the presence of a truly transcendent musical performance.

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