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The Truth About Loren

Loren Kmp - Staff Writer

I’ve always loved books, music and movies, but unlike most kids I never wanted to be on a stage or infront of a microphone. I wanted to be the person that gave them the words to say and at a very early age the writing bug bit me. A teacher once told me that writing chooses you and no matter how many times I’ve tried to put the pen down and stay away from the keyboard, I keep coming back. I majored in Cinema Studies and was a DJ at a radio station during my undergrad days. I just graduated and am in the pursuit of putting my name out there in the world.

I remember listening to all my mother’s old Motown records or hearing her listen to Sade. My brothers would play Run DMC or Tupac. For my 13th birthday I was given a radio and the first song I heard upon plugging it in was “Genie in a Bottle.” Given this background, you’d think my iPod was filled with bubble gum pop or hits by The Supremes competing with Kid Cudi. But alas, though I love those and similar artists, you can usually find me listening to pop music that was made before I was born (i.e., The Animals, Blondie and The Beatles) and Interpol or something like them. I love the folkie dance beats of MGMT and can sit all day listening to Wolf Parade and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

While getting published or being offered one of those amazing advances for a script are definitely dreams of mine, more than anything, I just want to share thoughts with you and have you share too.

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