The Truth About Music: Play It Loud

"What's hot, what's not, and whats next in pop music"

The Truth About Jay

Jay Schellenbaum - Staff Writer

With the proliferation of suburban monotony and pop-culture’s abduction of counter-culture, it’s time for a spotlight to be put on real artists: The Do It Yourself troubadours whose artistic expression takes precedence over album sales.

The poets and warblers who lack the big budget marketing to become mainstream, but create worlds all their own. Working for the music mainstream himself, Jay has seen nearly every music video in the Universal Music catalog during his time in Video Production. The result is an eclectic musical taste intended to blend new flavors for a world sick of the same old song again.

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  • Comment by Katie posted March 15, 2011 at 03:30

    I love you writing style and the music videos you post are consistently excellent. Bravo!