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The Truth About Brianne

Brianne Galli - Staff Writer

I’m Brianne Galli, a freelance writer/blogger based in Buffalo, NY. I first wanted to make a career out of writing when I learned about muckrakers in 8th grade, but when I was told that no one would be my friend, I abandoned the idea and turned to music. I now aim to be a muckraker of music bringing lesser known bands to the forefront and giving them the coverage they deserve. Though I grew up on the classic rock of Zeppelin and The Doors, my musical interests range from MGMT to Al Green and everything in between.

Fresh out of college, I’m working towards making writing my living and learning as much as I can about the music scenes around the country and abroad. I just finished internships at ASCAP and CMJ where they finally broke my verbal crutch of using cliches and helped me find my own journalistic voice. Now I’m anxious to use it to let you know about about new music and what’s going on in the industry.

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