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Jon Custodio - Boston Writer

Jon Custodio - Staff Writer

Hi my name is Jonathan Custodio also known as Jon. I’m 21 years old and I’m currently studying Philosophy with a concentration in Law and Ethics at Northeastern University. As of right now I plan on going to Law School and pursuing a career as a talent agent primarily representing musicians and actors.

Music is my life. I can’t go a day without listening to music in any form. From rap to techno to punk rock to classic rock to reggae to alternative. Anything and everything EXCEPT country, because I don’t see it as a legitimate form of music. You can fight me on this all you want but country music is a joke.

As a part of this staff I will be bringing to the table both reviews and interviews of shows and bands that perform in the Boston area, and album reviews, movies and TV reviews etc. So I look forward to sharing my experiences and opinions with all of you. Happy reading.

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  • Comment by Rebel yell posted December 18, 2009 at 12:22

    Country music isn’t a joke. You’re a close minded legitimate stereotypical yank.

  • Comment by drayton Rouse posted October 07, 2010 at 04:08

    Marietta, Georgia based hip-hop group, The Undergrads, are quickly emerging as the hottest new name in Alternative hip-hop. The group consists of: E. Credit The Class Clown – The wild one of the group; JV The Ladies Man – The singer and the smooth one; Ro The Nerd – A true nerd always with the latest video games and computers; Ronvé a.k.a Parker Lewis The Prep – The level-headed one and always fresh and stylish. The foursome makes up the dynamic hip-hop group,
    The Undergrads.

    The group formed in 2008 at a local beat battle club in Atlanta, GA, and shortly recorded and released their first mixtape, Who the !@#$ Are The Undergrads, in 2009. The mixtape created a large amount of buzz in the underground Atlanta music world, which solidify their unique sound and talents as one of the best groups out to date.

    In June 2010, the group released their highly anticipated album, Orientation, and saw its single Party All Night become an instant hit within clubs, college radio stations and steady rising on the online music charts. With Orientation, The Undergrads established their innovative, fresh, lyrically-rich, exciting twist on musiccreating a sound like no othercalling and branding the unique sound, alternative hip-pop. The Undergrads are often described as sounding like a mixture of The Black Eyed Peas meets Outkast with a twist of Linkin Park.

    The Undergrads released two music videos on YouTube and World Star from Orientation for the singles, Party All Night and Wyneesha. Both videos are generating thousands of viewers and hits. The creator of the videos, New York music video director, Todd Rocheford, provides a taste of the typical day and life of The Undergrads.

    Since the start of 2010, The Undergrads have been featured on Global, Makin it Magazine, H.Y.P.E. Magazine, Truschool, F.A.M. and other sites and blogs. The group has been praised for their diversified talents, high energy and galvanizing stage performance. Their blend of high energy, bass heavy, eclectic hip-hop beats with fluid raps and smooth, soulful singing is what has made this group one of the most sought-after acts in Atlanta right now. The Undergrads have shared stage with Bonecrusher, Travis Porter, The East Side Boyz and many others.

    It is The Undergrads mission to not only take music to the next level, but to also make a positive impact on the world today and one day be mentioned in the same breath as many of the legendary greats.