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novellus Drops Alt-R&B Tracks ‘Tough’ and ‘Felt’ From Debut EP

Photo Credit: Conor Hautaniemi

Operating at the moody, darkly melodic fringes where electronic music meets R&B, novellus has earned a reputation for crafting left-0f-center tunes and being somewhat of a recluse. Now the producer has emerged from the shadows with “Tough” and “Felt,” two tracks from his forthcoming debut EP. “Tough” blends stuttering synths, sturdy beats and novellus’ ethereal vocals, filtered catacomb-like effects, to create a track that’s dementedly danceable, while “Felt” takes the disembodied approach one step further, with the producer chopping up his vocals and splicing them between walls of thick synthesizers and effects.

Both tracks come from novellus’ debut EP Untitled. Slated to drop January 26, the EP’s six tracks promise more of the fractured, beautifully odd musicality shown these latest offerings. Listen to “Tough” and “Felt” HERE and HERE.

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