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KNTRLR Get Deeper, Darker on Debut LP ‘The Great Filter’

KNTRLR, the brainchild of duo Charles and Michael, was originally created as a side project to satisfy the indie rock vets’ appetite for rap and electronic music. Since then, KNTRLR has evolved into a blend of post-punk electro, sweeping art rock grandness, pop melodies and classic indie rock instrumentation, a sound that will be evident on the group’s debut LP The Great Filter.

The album, slated for release next February, not only sees Charles and Michael expanding their musical vocabulary, but delving deeper into their psyches for lyrical content.  Drawing from recent events like the death of friend and sound engineer Jim Bentley,  Michael becoming a father and other life experiences involving love and loss have resulted in a personal, pensive collection of songs.

The Great Filter is set to come out February 24. In the meantime, NYC fans can catch KNTRLR at Gutter in Brooklyn on December 20.  Watch a short trailer for the album HERE.


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