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Dangermaker Blend Bombast and Soul Searching on ‘Light The Dark’ EP

The worlds of alternative and hard rock are ones often informed by a glass-half-empty perspective, where power chords and feelings south of happy mingle and mope in what can feel like a perpetual state of ennui. On their latest EP, Light The Dark, San Francisco-based quartet Dangermaker veer off the beaten path of death and destruction for something  more life affirming.

The aptly titled opener “Something More”  aims for just that, with earnest lines like “I would like a meaningful life.” Lyrically, the subject matter tackles topics like the uncertainty of life, living it the fullest and the thrill of enlightenment and self-discovery.

Forgoing the moody dirge route was wise move, as Dangermaker have pop instincts in spades. Light The Dark‘s trio of tracks are chocked full of hooky synthesizers, huge power chords and  ”oh oh oh” chants. Closer “The Light,” is a standout, opening with propulsive, palm-muted guitar and somber piano before exploding into a soaring anthem that recalls The Killers at their darkly melodic best.

Light The Dark comes out September 9. San Francisco fans can catch the group at Neck of the Woods on September 11.


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