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Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony ’93,000,000 Miles’

Self-described purveyors of “adventure rock,” the trio known as Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony–made up of East Bay native Nicholas Jarvis Powers and two Frenchmen, brothers Kevin and Dylan Gautschi–have a knack for marrying Broadway-esque harmonic bombast with garage rock.

This mix of classic pop sheen and grunge grime is front and center on the band’s latest offering “93,000,000 Miles.” Opening with vocal stylings ┬áreminiscent of Queen, Powers and the Gautschi brothers airtight harmonies give way to a winding, crunchy rhythm and bass guitar attack with detours into bluesy soloing.

Though the single comes from the previous album We Became Monsters, “93,000,000 Miles” is a fitting introduction to the band’s style, and offers a preview of sorts for the group’s next album, set to be released in the fall. Watch the video for “93,000,000 Miles” below.

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