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The Asteroid Galaxy Tour Release 'My Club' Single

Photo credit: Sigurd Grünberger

Danish indie pop powerhouse The Asteroid Galaxy Tour announced the release of their third album Bring Us Together, and unveiled “My Club,” the album’s first single.

A blend of the duo’s signature brassy retro-disco, bouncy club beats, snappy percussion and touches of psychedelia , the track couches blunt lyrics like “tonight  I’ll be the bullet in your gun” inside bubbly production and Mette Lindberg’s effervescent delivery.

Inspired by the isolation brought on by the relentless touring and promotional schedule during their last outing, Asteroid Galaxy Tour wanted to explore new musical terrain on Bring Us Together.

“We wanted to create a heavier and slightly darker atmosphere for this album. The sound is more processed, and less “manual” than before- with more weighting on repetitive beats, bass grooves, chopped-up loops, and a more laidback vocal style,” they said.

Bring Us Together is slated to drop September 16. Listen to “My Club,” .


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