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Rap Duo Malibu Shark Attack ‘Better Off Friends’

When you describe your sound as “post-new wave-prog-electronica indiecore synthpop rap,” you automatically set up high expectations for your music. A potential fan will listen with a skeptical ear at best, or feel they’ve been aurally assaulted at worst. Luckily, trans-Atlantic rap duo Malibu Shark Attack manage to avoid this fate with their single “Better Off Friends.”

Comprised of Irish-born beatmaker Rocky O’ Reilly and Atlanta-based rhymer Tribe One, Malibu Shark Attack thrive on mixing styles together, and “Better Off Friends”–made up of equal parts fuzzy indie rock distortion, Tribe One’s rapid-fire cadence, electronica flourishes and anthemic melodic pop, and featuring The Dudley Corporation–is no exception.

“I think we like so many different types of music,” says Tribe One, “from hip hop and rap to riot girl and punk, sweeping right through cutesy indie to glitchy electronica that we would love to fit into a genre. However that is far from reality!”

Malibu Shark Attack’s self-titled debut comes out May 23rd. Watch the video for “Better Off Friends” below.

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