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House of Lies Season 3 Ep. 11 ‘Together’


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In which our star-crossed lovers finally consummate their union, as everything around them begins to fall apart.

Well, things just keep getting better and better don’t they? The almost ironically titled “Together,” the penultimate episode of House of Lies third season, is a half hour in which everyone in the Pod gets their illusions of a relationship shattered. Things picks up right where last week’s “Comeuppance” tragically left off, opening with a series of fade ins and outs showing Jeannie and Marty being questioned by police, Jeannie nursing a chipped tooth, Dre being treated for a gunshot wound, and Lucas being zipped up in a body bag.

Marty is understandably shaken up by the whole thing, but is reluctant to place blame for Lucas’ murder on Dre when Jeannie says the killing was obviously a professional hit. Even after the whole Compton/Zhang hiccup , he still thinks of Dre as someone similar to himself. But that idea becomes harder to hold onto when Dre schedules a meeting about taking Dolla Hyde public when his former partner’s body is barely lukewarm. And said meeting is with Barney’s, a company Lucas was vehemently opposed to working with. And did I mention it’s been less than 24 hours since Lucas was killed? So yeah, it’s not a huge shock when Marty bolts from the conference room and confronts Dre.

Mehki Phifer does a great job of keeping Dre’s reaction ambiguous; when he says  he can’t have people thinking he had Lucas killed, it’s hard to tell if he’s sincerely defending himself or subtly threatening Marty to keep his mouth shut. Dre’s wife also keeps it murky when Marty tells her his suspicions, shifting the conversation to cryptic talk about how being in a good relationship means making good and bad decisions with your partner’s input. Last week I expressed some frustration toward the show for veering into Sopranos territory with the whole contract hit twist, but it doesn’t get more Tony and Carmela than stonewalling “outsiders” from family business. Both actors flat out sold the idea that Marty–and us–will know, but will never actually know who had a hand in Lucas’ murder.

Alas, everything is not on the up and up when it comes to Monica either. Her protein shake account WON seemed like a the golden goose egg that would put her back on the consulting map–until Doug, who’s been slurping the stuff down like Kool-Aid, sprouts man boobs–and Jeannie finds an recent study that reveals Monica knew this damaging information in advance. Marty, being the shark he is, strikes a 75/25 deal that leaves her with scraps; but beyond that, he feels genuinely hurt, believing their last dalliance signaled a new, honest place in their relationship.

Clyde also finds himself on the receiving end of professional and personal devastation. Over lunch, Marissa casually mentions she sold McClintock for a few billion, and won’t be bringing any of her coins to Kahn and Associates. Doug is pissed, and the two trade nasty insults until she walks away, shouting Clyde takes a dump when he cums. Classy. Though to be honest, it was virtually impossible things would end any other way Marissa, who never did much to hide the fact she was a sex-and-drug obsessed sociopath. Did Clyde really think she’d stick around and they’d stroll off into the sunset, jacked out of their minds on whatever? Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Either way, it’s more money walking out the door for the Pod.

Doug, having crashed and burned with Caitlin last week, decides to crawl back to Sarah for forgiveness. The two appear to be on the road to makeup sex when Sarah starts dropping bombs (via watkins). Like she had an abortion. And she’s not sure it was Doug’s because she went on a “spree” while they were separated. And she didn’t wrap it up because, well, you know how she feels about condoms. You can hear the explosions going off in Doug’s had as she blithely asks if he wants a fresca (for the record he doesn’t) and hops off the couch.

Even Marty and Jeannie’s long-awaited hookup is tainted. While Jeannie has had feelings for Marty, her desire to “make a huge mistake” is because of a vicious burn Monica gave her earlier, the contents of which hit on all her insecurities– her small town roots, her career only taking off because Marty wanted to sleep with her, and so on. It’s why (along with the anesthesia) she can’t stop crying after getting her tooth fixed, and why Marty finds her sitting on his couch, working her way through a bottle of liquor.

Despite the motivations behind her decision, she gets want she wants: Marty tells her he loves her during post-coital pillow talk. When they snuggle and smile at each other, it’s nice moment, a rare instance of calm and vulnerability from two individuals who are so steely and guarded as they barrel through life. Too bad it won’t last.


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