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Twintapes ‘Everyday Chemical’

Armed with vintage synths and a drum palette equal parts electronic and acoustic, Brooklyn-based trio Twintapes evoke a sound that’s both classic and modern with their latest single “Everyday.”

Powered by a deep, unstoppable bass line and wall of  shimmering synths , the song would be great enough as a straightforward dance tune, but thanks to singer Panel Rivera’s warm vocals and vulnerable lyrics, also stirs up some emotional resonance.

Bringing humanity and a sense of organic musicianship to EDM, both in the studio and onstage, is one of the Twintape’s goals as a band. ”We don’t use laptops or prerecorded/produced tracks to accompany us on stage,” explains Pavel. ”We believe it takes away from the “live” and human aspect of a performance. We modify our arrangements to make the performance a more rewarding experience for our fans and to also differentiate it from the album recordings.”

The focus on teasing out real emotion spills over into Pavel’s songwriting, the drawing from the narrative aspects of of some unlikely sources. ”I also like how, in folk and country music, lyrics tell a story and are usually strong,” said Pavel, with “Everyday Chemical” telling a story about the addictive nature of modern technology.

““Everyday Chemical” to me is about my cell phone,” says Pavel. ”That’s one of my everyday chemicals. Also, computer time, coffee, social networking (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), I consider huge time sucks, but can’t seem to stop using nonetheless.”

NYC fans can catch Twintapes at the Mercury Lounge on April 4th. Listen to ‘Everyday Chemical” here.

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